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Marching Eagles Nursery School

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Marching Eagles accepts children from ages 2 Years (Potty Trained Only) – 5 years old. We are an affordable luxury Nursery School where your child gets a lot of time and attention. Our class ranges from 5-20 children for deep engaging one on one learning experience. 

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Preparation for Primary School

Preparation for primary school is everything! This is the stuff that give your child a head start in their schooling career. It all starts with what they learn from pre-school. We at marching eagles ensure that each child is fully equipped for the next chapter in their lives. We teach them the best of the basics and take them through critical areas of learning and early brain-development. 

Problem Solving

It is important for your child to develop a good sound basic foundation in problem solving in the form of mathematics. We make use of building puzzels, lego blocks, building blocks to develop that.

Pre-Writing Skills

Kids have to learn the basic skills of hand movements, teaching them formation of letterland (alphabet) & hand/eye coordination. We make use of games and activities in the form of work sheets, play dough, “join the dots” & sensory play, threading & lacing with different sized beads, finger art, hand and finger strength activities.

Musical Skills

As they explore music through play, it helps develop a larger vocabulary and improtant pre reading and maths skills, strengthening their social and emotional skills and development. Playing musical instruments, singing, free dancing to music, listening to music, rhythmic movements, running to music.


Emotional and social development is an important aspect in developing self confidence in your child.
We select a child to be a class monitor for the day which enhances their self confidence, motivation, responsibility and feeling of security and independence.
We put them in groups to build puzzles and something constructive out of lego blocks which enhances integration in group format and socialization in pairs, and participation in activities.

Gross and Fine Motor Skills

-Gross motor skills. It’s important for your child to develop a strong and healthy physical body.
We teach them movement and balancing in the form of climbing, running, jumping & dancing, time on the jungle gym, balancing bars & trampoline, to develop this all important aspect of your child’s physical development.

Visual Perceptual Skills

This is your child’s ability to organize, make sense of, to interpret information as seen, and to give it meaning. We teach them visual discrimination, matching two objects that are the same, visual memory - the ability to remember.


Concentration, language development, listening skills, memory recall and character differentiation is developed to stimulate imagination and interest. Story time activities, asking questions about stories read and playing games such as brain gym, memory games, board games.

Fine Motor

Children need to have a strong fine motor grip, and hand eye co ordination. This is necessary to enable a child to learn different things needed by the small bones of the hands, such as writing, manipulating, threading and tying. We offer games and activities, such as playdough manipulation, puzzles, threading, peg boards and block building.

What PArents say About Us

See Our Pricing for 2020-2021

R 2 600


Per month

R 1 000

Admin Fee

R 2 800

7:00 - 15:00

Per month

R 1 000

Admin Fee

R 3 000


Per month

R 1 000

Admin Fee

All Children are required to bring in the following items which NEED to be clearly marked with their name:

Stationery Requirements

  • 1x Jumbo Triangular colouring pencils (10’s)
  • 4x 43g Pritt Stick
  • 1x A4 Ultra Image white multi-purpose office paper (500 sheets)
  • 1x Colouring Book (Jumbo Pictures)
  • 1x Ponal Wood Glue (100ml)
  • • 1x Scissors
  • • 1x Packet colour paper (Gum paper)
  • • 1x Air-Freshener (Odor Control)
  • • 1x Water Paint (Steadtler)
  • 1 x Flip File (50 Pockets)
  • • 12 Wax Twist Crayons
Marching Eagles Nursery School - Stationery Requirements

Frequently asked questions

We operate strictly in accordance with GDE and government regulations and we have passed all on site inspections. 

Our school only takes a small very group of kids, no more than 20, enabling us to afford your child hands-on private world class education of the highest quality.

In order to keep our state of the art world class facility “open”, school fees will have to be paid, regardless.

We will separate your child in our on site isolation station, call the parent and follow the stipulated steps as laid out by the GDE.

If you are late or can not arrange to pick up your child on time there will be a charge rate of R50/30 minutes and so on.

See the school

We welcome you to come and see our facilities. We take pride in how clean we keep our grounds. Your Childs health and safety is our priority when it comes to learning.

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Enrolling your Child at Matching Eagles Nursery School

Parents must provide a 10:00am meal for their children for snack time as there is not cooked meals during time of COVID-19. Only when COVID-19 restrictions has been removed by Government, children staying at Marching Eagles will receive a cooked meal from 15:00 onwards.

MArching Eagles Enrolment Form

Enrolement Form

To enrol your child for 2020, please download the attached form, fill in and return to our office.

Marching Eagles Nursery School Indemnity Form

Indemnity Form

To indemnify Marching Eagles, its management and staff against any liability whatsoever.

Marching Eagles Medical Details Submission Form

Medical Details Required

In the event of a child needing urgent treatment, parents are required to give authorisation to seek medical help.

Marching Eagles School Rules and Regulations

School Rules Guide

Thank you for choosing our school and welcome to Marching Eagles. Here are some rules & guidelines.